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The Honda Grom HRC Race Bike Looks Hardcore and Cute

We'll take almost any excuse to write about the Grom. Look at how happy that little thing looks.
Honda, edited by the author

The Honda Grom is one of the most fun-looking vehicles on roads right now. It’s basically a two-thirds scale sport bike, sized for an adult to easily control and manhandle. And it looks even better in race-spec, as it’s been trotted out at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Grom racing has been a thing for some time—Honda’s already got a page dedicated to the HRC GROM Cup. Just a bunch of little bitty Groms getting after it.

The Japanese vehicle company seems to have made some minor tweaks to the bike, but I basically will take any excuse to post a Grom in race livery. So check out the new Grom race model!

A standard 2024 Grom motorcycle has a 123.9 cc single-cylinder engine, electric start, and fuel injection. It weighs about 225 pounds. For context, a real-size sportbike like a CBR600R weighs more like 425 pounds.

For this race spec, Honda says the engine has a new exhaust and engine mapping that should boost power a little bit. There’s also supposedly an option for custom fuel mapping. The Japanese press releases duck the “price” question, instructing interested parties to contact their local HRC service shop. Unfortunately for us, they’re all in Japan, but here’s their contact info if you’re really keen.

Honda Grom miniature motorcycles in the middle of a race.
Here’s what a Grom cup race looks like. Squee! Honda

A standard Grom lists for about $3,500, so I would guess even the race-spec version is going to be one of the least expensive ways to run motorsport in a brand-new vehicle. At least, if you’re brave enough to blast around a track on a miniature motorcycle with a field of other competitive lunatics.

The race tune Grom is apparently not street-legal. But emissions regulations tend to be pretty chill when it comes to motorcycles. I bet you could get a comparable tune on a U.S.-spec Grom easily enough, then it’s just a matter of matching the decals, and boom—you’re the coolest kid on the cutest bike on the block.

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