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Watch: Honda Tech Runs Red Light in Customer Car and Nearly Gets T-Boned

Thankfully they didn't crash, and no one was hurt.
Reddit Ssign

I always fear that whenever I leave my car for service anywhere, someone is going to do something dumb in it. I’m certain I’m not alone, either. For all of us that worry about car service techs behaving badly, this dashcam video from Redditor Ssign isn’t going to help.

This Honda owner had their car in for service at Ottawa Honda and seemingly left it overnight. While the dealership had it, a service tech took it out for a test drive. That in itself isn’t unusual, as they could have been legitimately testing it. However, what happened during the drive wasn’t great, and likely didn’t make the owner happy about their service.

This idiot that took my car for a test drive after being in for service [oc]
byu/ssign inIdiotsInCars

During the test drive, the service tech ran a red light in the most egregious way possible. When traffic backs up at an intersection, they cross a double-yellow lane marker to overtake stopped cars, before slowly driving through the red light. Despite the “Oh my god!” you hear from the driver, it seems almost impossible that it was an accident. Before running the red and avoiding getting T-boned, they decided to drive through an intersection with stationary vehicles in both directions and pass through several bright orange road work signs. There were an abundance of red flags that should’ve convinced them to stop, but they didn’t. It seems more likely the exclamation came when they realized they were being recorded on the owner’s dashcam.

Countless comments on the Reddit post talk about similar, and even worse, dealership misbehavior, which is always frightening. However, it seems Ssign hasn’t yet brought this video to the attention of their service department. Hopefully they do and get this situation resolved, because a service tech blatantly running a red light, endangering other drivers, and almost crashing a customer’s car is something that shouldn’t be swept under the rug. Great—now I’m going to be more nervous than I already am about leaving my car to get tires swapped later this week.

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