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Honda’s 0 Series EV Concepts Look Straight Out of ‘Star Wars’

Featuring batteries that degrade slower, this first one is coming to production in North America in 2026.
Chris Tsui

Honda is launching a new series of EVs called the “0 Series” with two concepts: a van-like vehicle called the Space-Hub and a sleeker but still funky family car called the Saloon. “Saloon” may be European for sedan but instead of a traditional three-box car, Honda’s Saloon is a big, wedge-shaped thing. Debuting at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, don’t think it’s just another one of those concepts that’ll never see a real street because Honda has confirmed that the Saloon will become a production model in North America in 2026.

Intended as the flagship of the 0 Series, the Saloon sits on a dedicated EV platform. Designed to be spacious, low, and wide, it uses sustainable materials throughout, an interior that continues Honda’s tradition of ease of use, and new steer-by-wire and “motion control management” systems. The seats feature posture control that uses learnings from Honda’s experience in robotics while aero is said to use learnings from the company’s racing expertise, including Formula 1.

The Space-Hub, on the other hand, is more utilitarian, aiming to be a sort of living room on wheels—the “hub” in its name alludes to a social hub, a place for people to gather. Its ethos is, per Honda, to “augment people’s daily lives.”

As for the 0 Series of EVs as a whole, the “0” refers to Honda’s aim to build EVs “based on thin, light, and wise” in contrast to the big and heavy vibe that characterizes most existing EVs. This philosophy is said to use a dedicated “thin” EV platform that allows for a low floor and better aero. Honda is even trotting out a new frameless, minimalist H logo that visually drives this vibe home to be used on electrified Hondas in the future.

EVs in the 0 Series will be created using a new design and engineering approach from both previous Honda products and other, competing EVs. Technical details are scant for now, but Honda says vehicles will use high-density batteries designed to minimize long-term degradation. Specifically, the company is aiming to minimize battery capacity degradation to less than 10% after 10 years of use. At the same time, charging should be quick, with Honda claiming 15 to 80% fast charging on late-2020s production models that’ll be 10 to 15 minutes quicker than it typically takes today.

Naturally, 0 Series EVs will be powered by electric motors on each axle that maximize power and efficiency while being lightweight. As for other details that should make you go “duh,” the cars will feature next-gen ADAS functions as well as an onboard operating system that uses AI to learn occupants’ habits.

Other details such as pricing, range, and final design (we’ll be damned if those touchscreen seatbacks actually become a reality) remain a mystery, but given the Saloon’s 2026 release date, it likely won’t be long before we start learning more about the future of electric Hondas.

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