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LISTEN: Chevy Corvette ZR1 Teases Twin-Turbo Flat-Plane V8

The fastest, baddest 'Vette sounds like, well, the fastest, baddest 'Vette.

The fastest and most extreme Chevrolet Corvette, the ZR1, will see the light of day this summer. We don’t know the specific release date yet, but a teaser video released Monday morning tells us a couple of things: It’ll have a big rear wing, it’ll sound pretty damn good at full tilt, and it’ll likely feature a turbocharged flat-plane V8.

Like the previous teaser videos Chevy’s released, the ZR1 logos continue to play with this sort of ice and water theme, mixed with some blue lightning animations. Similar graphics were used for some E-Ray teasers, which made sense given its electrified nature. As far as the ZR1 goes, it could point to some sort of electrification.

What we’re 100% sure of is that the ZR1 will get a big rear wing, because well, look at the image above. The C7 ‘Vette greatly differentiated from previous ZR1s by its race car-style rear wing, and it appears to be sticking around for the car’s eighth generation. It’s too soon to know if it’ll be optional equipment or not, however.

Lastly, there’s the engine sound. Man, it sounds great—though it would be really awesome if we officially knew what it was. Chevy has yet to reveal which engine will power America’s next supercar, but judging by the sound of it, it’ll likely be a twin-turbocharged, flat-plane V8. Take that with a grain of salt, but if you listen closely, and listen about 100 times, you get a hint of turbo whistle in the fly-by recording.

This seems to back up some rumors that claim the C8 ZR1 will be powered by said engine configuration, and that it will most likely produce over 900 horsepower—very likely with the help of a battery-hybrid system. It’ll also likely sport some interesting (and super clever) active aero. Of course, this isn’t official yet, and luckily we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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