Here’s the 2025 Mini Cooper EV the Way Mini Wants You To See It

Mini’s official pics of the next-gen Cooper confirm what’s been circulating for a few days now.

byAaron Cole|
Electric Vehicles photo

Not long ago, pictures of the new 2025 Mini Cooper circulated after it was found undisguised at a commercial shoot somewhere in Los Angeles. The feedback on the new, smoother shape ranged from “a Suzuki Swift wearing a tarp” to “meh.” On Tuesday, Mini offered its own images to “show it a bit more favorably than what the spy shots depict.” That might be true.

What we’re looking at here could very easily be the same car—the same shade, wearing the same made-up California license plate, and most likely shot somewhere in Southern California—but it’s hard to be certain. The front three-quarter view shows off the creases in the hood a little more, a newly outlined maw, and we can definitively spot a blanked grille pointing to an electric powertrain. We’ve heard before that 40- and 54-kWh batteries will be available in the new Mini, a step up from the 32.6-kWh battery rated for about 150 miles of range now. 

Eagle-eyed readers can see the green S badge, and they get a cookie. That powertrain should return around 215 hp, while the base Mini will make do with around 181 hp—give or take. Mini offered their photos without further details, so we’ll have to wait until next year to learn official specs.

Changes at the rear of the Mini are a little more dramatic than those found at the front. The Union Jack taillights are heavily digitized now and pushed to the corners of the rear fenders, making the blue Mini’s bottom very bulbous. The floating rooftop and smoother sides look fine if a little slab-sided. We’re left to guess what’s on the interior, Mini isn’t talking about that much more than a digital dog. There’s no indication that what we’re looking at now will change before production starts and the Mini goes on sale in May 2024, but we’d only observe that there are many working days to think long and hard about that front end before those lines start rolling. 

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