Watch a Mini Cooper Get a Dose of Instant Karma After Brake-Checking a Truck

This driver was soon given cause to regret his actions after a truck merged into his lane.

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Apr 11, 2017 5:54 PM
Watch a Mini Cooper Get a Dose of Instant Karma After Brake-Checking a Truck

There's stupid, and then there's this. Last year, a man in Norway performed a few dangerous acts in order to make a point to the driver of a semi truck. The story, originally published by a local news source, reviews the full story in detail—from the incident caught on the truck's dash camera all the way to the court room.

In the beginning of the video, the driver of the truck merges into another lane as his ends. Just afterwards, a horn blares that sounds an awful lot like a Mini Cooper's horn. We can't assume it because we don't see for sure, but it appears that the truck may have gotten a little to close to the Mini than the driver's comfort zone allowed for. The driver of the Mini stated that he sounded his horn and flashed his lights to signal the truck as it was cutting him off.

Shortly afterwards, the Mini can be seen on the wrong side of the road, illegally passing the giant truck, nearly colliding with oncoming traffic to make the pass. Sure enough, the Mini's brake lights illuminate and the 3,000-pound car comes to a stop. Due to the massive weight difference betwene the two vehicles, however, the truck could not come to a stop as quickly as the Mini, leading to a collision. Though not much damage could be seen from the video, the driver is clearly upset as he jumps out to confront the truck's operator, then buries his face in his phone after walking back to his car.

The driver of the Mini was fined 10,200 kroner for various traffic violations and legal fees (or $1,450), as well as had his license suspended for eleven months. Check out the video of the incident below: