Here Are The Cars You Want To Finally Import This Year

In 1998 we were listening to Master P while everyone else was listening to the sounds of one of the best Mitsubishis ever made.

byAaron Cole|
Here Are The Cars You Want To Finally Import This Year

With every new year, there’s a new opportunity to bring to the U.S. a car that should’ve been here in the first place—albeit 25 years too late. The import rule in the U.S. is just one of a few quirks that car fans in the States get to endure. (Another is the whole dealership model, but that’s a separate question.)

To herald the arrival of 2023, we look back to 1998 and all its car glory, wondering aloud what you’re looking forward to importing—with real money or imagined—thanks to our wonky laws. 

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Here’s what you said. 

The Evo 5 Is Alive

“Evo 5 without a question. My favorite of the evos with the IV and VII being the 2nd and 3ri d. Sounds like prices for them won't be too crazy and it has 4G63 which has parts that are easy to acquire. The Civic Type R is the other one I would go for.” ~ Flyover Country

The Overlooked Mitsu

“I know they are not particularly fast and FWD but I always loved how the Mitsubishi FTO looks so my vote is the 1998 FTO.” ~ klone121

The Super Subie

“It’s hard to beat a 22B import. We are still a year out for an S15 import. We are a few years off for opel/vauxhall speedsters so those are still out too. BMW stupidly never made an E39 gen M wagon either. I can’t think of much other forbidden fruit from the 90s. There’I don’ti dons certainly some cool stuff out there I just can’t think of anything better than a 22B.” ~ AdamVIP

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