Ferrari Says to Stop Driving Your 296 Because It Might Catch Fire

A corroding fuel pipe might cause fuel to leak near an ignition source and cause a fire in 425 Ferrari 296 GTBs.

byChris Rosales|
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Ferraris and catching fire are a tale as old as time. The Ferrari F355 was infamous for having four different recalls on its fuel system, the Ferrari 360 Modena also had a propensity for self-immolating without any official recalls, the F430 convertible was recalled for fire risks, and the 458 Italia famously burned due to the glue used in its wheel wells. I’m sorry to report that the new hybridized Ferrari 296 GTB is upholding the flaming family legacy and is being recalled for fire risk.

425 Ferrari 296 GTB and 296 GTS models were recalled due to a corroding aluminum fuel pipe. Normally, aluminum is resistant to corrosion, but the issue stems from the pipe touching the steel of the high-voltage battery. Aluminum normally forms a compact oxide layer that protects it from corrosion. When voltage is applied, that layer breaks down and can allow corrosion. Thus, this unintended contact between fuel-delivering aluminum and electricity-protecting steel might be the result of some old-fashioned chemistry.


Ferrari hasn’t confirmed if that is the issue, but has taken steps to address the contact before initiating the recall. According to Carscoops, Ferrari became aware of the issue in early April after a pre-delivery inspection found the aforementioned corrosion. As a precautionary measure, it started installing insulating material on the pipes. As part of the recall, Ferrari is going to replace the pipe with an updated pipe that features an anti-corrosive rubber sleeve and owners should hear from Ferrari after July 7.

Luckily, there have been no injuries, deaths, or fires that have resulted from the issue. So while the 296 was about to join its illustrious ancestors in the halls of Valhalla, it seems that the 296 may avoid it for now. In the meantime, Ferrari has recommended owners do not drive their 296s until the issue is fixed.

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