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Drivers Allegedly Racing to Car Meet Wreck Each Other in 8-Car Pileup

Natural selection claimed multiple Dodge Challengers, Ford Mustangs, an Infiniti and more.
GA Followers Official via Instagram

Another day, another wreck featuring the most typical perpetrators of automotive tomfoolery. The eight-car (!!!) pileup occurred on the way to a local meet in Atlanta, Georgia. It looks like one Toyota GR Supra, one Infiniti Q60, one BMW 3-Series, two Ford Mustangs, and three Dodge Challengers were caught in the chaos of the crash, the cause of which has gone officially unexplained but racing is suspected.

The crash apparently occurred along I-285 in Atlanta as a group was en route to attend an event called Caffeine & Octane in nearby Kennesaw, Georgia. Yeah, those are basically synonyms for cars and coffee, meetups that have become notorious for mechanical mayhem and reckless driving.

It’s unclear exactly what happened in the crash from the footage shared by GA Followers Official, which is being passed all around social media:

There is footage of the actual crash, however, which had been posted to Instagram earlier by another enthusiast group in Georgia known as Downshift Mafia. In that video, it looks like one of the Mustangs failed to avoid the GR Supra as the Toyota slowed to a stop on the highway behind a line of traffic, leading to a rear-end collision and, eventually, the pileup. The Supra had to swerve to an adjacent lane to avoid hitting the car in front of it as the vehicles slowed to a stop. Take a look for yourself:

It looks like a Charger and Camaro were also among the loose convoy of enthusiast cars headed to the monthly meet, but those two vehicles managed to avoid the crash. The others weren’t so lucky and were ensnarled in the pileup, suffering damage as the cars struck one another in succession after the white Mustang GT rear-ended the GR Supra. A black Mustang was even turned perpendicular to traffic from the impact, although it seems no one was severely injured due to the incident.

According to people commenting on the crash footage who claim to have been on-scene, the eight cars were “aggressively weaving through heavy traffic.” Others go on to say the vehicles in question were street racing, though there has been no confirmation from the state authorities. Given the footage, it’s clear that at least some of the drivers failed to heed traffic conditions around them, which has become something of a norm for meets where drivers disregard the safety of their fellow motorists. The jokes write themselves sometimes, but instead of “…a priest and a rabbi walk into a bar…” we get something like “…a Mustang, Challenger, and BMW run into a Supra.”

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