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An 800-HP Honda CR-V Hybrid Race Car Is Coming, and I’m Here for It

Need to hit the race track after dropping off the kids at school? The latest Honda CR-V has got you covered.

Don’t you love it when automakers pour bags of money on crazy builds that make no sense but are just really freaking cool? I do. Honda, who has a bit of a thing for building off-the-wall machines like a 134-mph lawnmower and IndyCar engine-powered pickup truck, teased its newest build Friday morning: an 800-horsepower Honda CR-V Hybrid race car.

Unfortunately, the details are pretty hush-hush for now. Honda only shared that the build’s been masterminded with the help of HPD—right there tells you how bonkers it will be—and that it’ll be “a track monster with some 800 electrified horsepower.”

The photos reveal a CR-V that’s been put on a serious diet and had just about every stock component removed. Inside there’s a roll cage, a racing steering wheel, a driver’s seat, and… that’s about it. Outside, you can see the body is mostly all carbon fiber and it’s been dropped all the way down to the ground. Of course, it’s hard to miss the aero-carving front end, wheel arches, and massive rear wing. This thing is proper.

The whole enchilada will be unveiled Feb. 28, so at least we won’t be kept in the dark for very long. If you ask me, I get the feeling that Honda might actually take this thing racing in some series later this year, but that’s my own speculation. Pikes Peak anyone?

Until then, enjoy the teaser video below.