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Truck Reportedly Kills 3 in Stockholm Incident

The Swedish prime minister said it bears the indications of "a terror attack."

A large truck flew into a department store in downtown Stockholm on Friday, hitting multiple people, according to news reports. Swedish media outlets are reporting at least three people have been killed, according to Bloomberg and CNBC. 

Police are describing the crash as a “truck incident.” Swedish prime minister Stefan Lofven said the incident bears the signs of “a terror attack,” according to the Associated Press

“People started running down the stairs when the fire alarm started,” Maria Nathalie, who was in the store at the time, told NBC News. “And when we came down to the bottom of the building all we could see was a lot of smoke and there was someone who helped us get out on the other side of the building.”

Swedish television showed an image of what appears to be the truck after crashing into the department store, Ahlens.

Swedish state television station SVT is reporting the driver of the truck is still at large, according to Bloomberg.

The truck impacted the store just a block from where a suicide bomber detonated in 2013, killing himself and wounding two others.

CNN reports that the city has locked down Parliament and the subway system.

Vehicular attacks have occurred several times in Europe in the last year. In July 2016, a truck attack in Nice, France killed 86 people and injured 434; a truck attack on a Berlin, Germany market in December 2016 left 12 dead and 56 wounded; and just last month, a passenger vehicle was used during a London attack that killed four and injured roughly 50

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