Bigfoot Blamed for Car Accident in Idaho

Good luck filing the insurance claim on that one.

byKyle Cheromcha|
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If it's not abundantly clear at this point, you need to own a dashcam. Not only are you protecting yourself and your car from idiots and lowlifes alike, but you also have the ability to turn everyone else's moronic driving into YouTube gold.  And on the off chance you spot a legendary creature chasing after a deer on the side of the road and understandably crash the car in your distracted state, you can prove to the state police and all the online haters that you're not crazy and you aren't just making up some kooky story for attention and/or money. That last one is important.

But sadly, the 50-year-old woman in our tale was not so equipped when she rounded a bend on U.S. Highway 95, north of the town of Potlatch in northwestern Idaho, and found herself in that very situation. In her telling of the Wednesday night incident, she was heading south in her Subaru Forester near milepost 367 when she spotted a seven to eight foot tall "Sasquatch" in hot pursuit of a deer near the edge of the road. As she passed the "shaggy" giant she immediately stared at her mirrors to get a better look, but failed to notice the deer darting out into the road and collided with it.

She reported the accident to the state police, who then referred her to the local sheriff. Either way, no evidence was found, and the deer ain't talking.

Google Maps

Here's the southbound view at milepost 367 up there. We don't know where exactly this went down, but it all kind of looks the same along here. To be honest, it's pretty bare for Bigfoot to just be strolling along mostly unnoticed, even in the middle of the night. Not a lot of cover for the guy, but what do I know—I'm not a cryptid. If you are the type who wants to believe, zoom out a bit and you'll see this stretch of road is fairly close to some pretty expansive wilderness in McCroskey State Park and Saint Joe National Forest. 

I'm not saying you should head to Idaho and go Bigfoot hunting now, but if you do, bring a dashcam.