Fiat Chrysler Accidentally Put Hemi Badges on a Bunch of V6 Ram Pickup Trucks

Dealerships are now being ordered to remove the improperly-placed badges.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Dec 1, 2016 4:55 PM
Fiat Chrysler Accidentally Put Hemi Badges on a Bunch of V6 Ram Pickup Trucks

As many an owner can tell you, mis-badging vehicles is a fantastic way to get hate thrown your way from knowledgeable car snobs. But in this case, it wasn't owners improperly rebadging their cars—but rather Fiat Chrysler, which accidentally slapped the wrong badges some of its Ram 1500 pickups right on the assembly line.

FCA technical service bulletin (TSB) 23-053-16 was released last month as an order for dealer technicians to pry HEMI badges off certain 2017 Ram 1500 trucks that were built with a 3.6-liter V6 instead of the larger 5.7-liter V8—the engine the HEMI badge is meant for, Automotive News reports.

"If the vehicle has Hemi emblems installed and the vehicle does not have a Hemi engine, the emblem will need to be removed," said the TSB, AN says.

It's somewhat comical that FCA actually took to releasing an official TSB to try and make this problem go away. Generally, the system is used by automakers to give their dealership service departments a heads-up when they get word of a technical issue they believe exists on many of their cars, and to give them in-depth instructions on how to fix the issue.

If for whatever reason you're really into having a badge that doesn't belong on your truck, you can make your way over to eBay for all your fakery necessities. But you really shouldn't. It's really, really dumb.