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Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Crashes at High Speed during California Police Chase

Talk about your nasty wrecks.

A chase involving a Mercedes-Benz sedan and law enforcement officers in California ended in spectacular fashion Sunday evening, when the Mercedes-Benz rammed headlong into a impact-absorbing crash barrier—while a news helicopter captured the whole thing on camera.

Authorities were in pursuit of the allegedly stolen Mercedes, which appears to be a CLS-Class, from West Los Angeles to Santa Clarita on three of the area’s major freeways until the car met its fate at a impact-absorbing barrier on the side of the highway, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The chase ended about 60 miles away from it started, NBC Los Angeles reports. During the course of the pursuit, the driver ran multiple red lights, drove on top of a sidewalk, and went the wrong way down a street.

During the chase, the owner of the car told police that he left it with a full tank of a gas and, conveniently, with a .45-caliber Colt pistol in the glovebox. Based on the video, it seems officers took that into consideration when finally confronting the driver.

The driver was reportedly arrested following the crash without issue, then brought to a hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

It’s unclear from the video why the driver crashed directly into the impact barrier, as he seems to have had almost the entire highway to himself. Was he reaching for that gun in the glovebox? Does he have exceptionally poor night vision? Was he distracted by a game of Pokemon Go?

Regardless of why it happened, though…that was one nasty accident.