Bulletproof BMW Used to Rescue Dozens During ISIS Attack

Turns out the Ultimate Driving Machine is also the ultimate urban warfare rescue machine.

In the ongoing war against ISIS in the Middle East, one Kurdish Peshmerga fighter put his life—and his BMW—on the line to protect a city against a terrorist attack.

Using an early-’90s armored BMW he purchased four months prior to the October 21 attack, a Peshmerga soldier named Ako Rahman rescued dozens of citizens wounded or trapped by snipers in Kirkuk—a city in the Kurdish controlled region of Iraq.

“After we arrived at the scene, we saw many wounded individuals among the security forces and civilians and no one was able to approach them due to the IS snipers. Therefore we decided to help those wounded people since bullets could not penetrate my car,” Rahman told Kurdish news outlet BasNews.


Over the course of the attack, which lasted several days, Rahman used his bulletproof sedan to transport 70 injured people to the hospital, encountering gunfire throughout the mission.

“There are marks from 50 to 60 bullets on the body of my car and many of them hit the front and the windshield of the car,” Rahman told Kurdish news outlet Rudaw.

Governor Dr. Najmaldin Karim presented the Peshmerga fighter with an award of 500,000 Iraqi dinars ($385) on November 1. BMW reportedly wanted to honor Rahman a bit more for his bravery and sacrifice. The German auto manufacturer offered him a brand new BMW in exchange for the bullet ridden E32, which it planned on displaying on its corporate campus. He declined the offer and instead it would be given to Sulaymaniyah, a local Kurdish museum.