Lamborghini Owner Forgives Kid Who Used His Car as a BMX Ramp

Talk about one cool supercar driver.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Oct 17, 2016 6:23 PM
Lamborghini Owner Forgives Kid Who Used His Car as a BMX Ramp

Here's a helpful tip for any kids considering launching themselves off a parked car on their BMX bikes: Don't do it on one with a dash cam...and definitely don't do it on a Lamborghini. Luckily for the stunt bike-riding kid caught in the video below, the owner of the Italian sports car in question seems like one chill dude.

Real estate marketing director Aaron Rylan returned to his yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Saturday afternoon to find it had been used as a makeshift BMX stunt ramp. Following the event, Rylan took to social media to try and track down the person who had done the dastardly deed. On Sunday, the realty director updated his Facebook to say that he had found the culprit, Izzad Adnaff, and that the "Issue has been resolved privately." He also posted a picture that purportedly shows himself next to Adnaff, with both parties smiling.

It's unclear if there was any serious damage from the bike riding, but the dash cam video that Rylan uploaded to his Facebook on Saturday shows the windshield flexing quite a bit, which could mean the weight of the bike was severe enough to dent the car in other places. And considering the car in question is a six-figure Italian speed machine, even the smallest ding would likely cost a pretty penny to fix.

"Lastly my last request (rationale of this posted video) friends, mothers, fathers, uncles and aunties [sic] to kindly educate your children to think before performing such acts or at least find a vehicle without an in-car camera," Rylan wrote on his initial Facebook post following the incident.

Yes. Parents, if you could please teach your damn children to not destroy other people's property for no good reason, that would be great.