GMC Teases Sierra 2500HD All Terrain X and Tragedy at San Marino Rally Legend Race: The Evening Rush

Plus a 55″ outdoor TV from SunBrite and new grips for your lifting routine.

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GM is extending their All Terrain X lineup to the GMC Sierra 2500HD. The newly beefed-up pickup will compete with the Dodge Power Wagon and will be offered with two engine options, a 6.0L naturally-aspirated V8 and a 6.6L turbocharged diesel V8. The All Terrain X comes with a sports bar in the back, running boards, 18-inch black aluminum wheels and Rancho shocks, if you opt for the Z-71 package. Expect to see the truck on showroom floors at the beginning of next year.

The fourth generation 2018 Audi A8 has been spotted zipping around the Nurburgring. Although the size appears to remain mostly the same, there will be considerable design changes as it has been designed by Marc Lichte. The new A8 will still have V-6, V8, and W-12 options in addition to a hybrid powertrain. In addition, the German sedan will utilize a modified autonomous driving system called Traffic Jam Pilot that will control the vehicle up to 37 mph.

Automotive rallying is as dangerous for the spectators as it is for the drivers. That maxim unfortunately rang true again this weekend when a competitor in the San Marino Rally Legend Race ran wide on a corner injuring eight and killing one bystander. The crash is still being investigated.


You can now have packets of “perfectly ground” coffee delivered to your door thanks to Blue Bottle Coffee. Carefully sealing and preserving the coffee grounds allows Blue Bottle to essentially stop the aging process and keeps your coffee as fresh as possible. 

Blue Bottle Coffee

Take your love for football to the next level with a 55” outdoor TV from SunBrite. The 4K UHD display will let you see every drop of sweat on a player’s face as you cozily sit by the fire, smoking a cigar and reminiscing about how your high school team went to states that one year. We know you did, buddy, we know you did.


A solid pair of boots are the key to a successful winter. Fortunately, Woolrich Woodsman Boots are 60% off and yours for the taking. Made with Harween leather, wool lining and Goodyear soles, these hardy boots will gladly stand up to whatever Mother Nature dishes out.

Instantly change the muscle groups targeted in your workout with Grenade Grips. By widening and changing the dimensions of how you grip barbells, dumbbells, cables, etc, you can bolster your grip strength as well as your arms. Having a variety of grips is always beneficial and now you can vary it beyond the typical close and far grip positions.

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