A New Presidential Limo and an Upgraded 2018 BMW M4: The Evening Rush

Plus, Jack & Mulligan have the perfect gym bag and a toaster that will print images on your toast.

byMax Goldberg|
A New Presidential Limo and an Upgraded 2018 BMW M4: The Evening Rush


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Spy shots of The Beast 2.0 (Presidential limo) have leaked and big surprise, the thing is still monstrous. Loaded to the gills with armoring and other protective features, this tank will confidently protect the next Commander-in-Chief. The new vehicle appears to share lines with the Cadillac Escalade and CT6.

Photos of the 2018 BMW M4 are now scattered around the internet after photographers captured the sought-after coupe whipping around southern Europe. The updated M4 will receive the hood from the 2016 GTS and may have more power, totaling 444hp.

Audi has new technology that allows its cars to harvest energy from the vehicle’s shocks. By going over bumps and imperfections in the road, Audis will be able to transfer energy from the vehicle’s suspension to the electrical system.



Jack & Mulligan have a new sports bag that is perfect for your shoes and a change of clothes. Made of heavyweight water-resistant canvas, this bag will keep things dry and any stink from permeating the office.

The Toasteroid is an app controlled toaster that imprints images on your toast via additional heat. Hello middle-finger toast. Or, Jesus.



Today’s beer pick takes us to Kent Falls Brewing Company in Kent, CT. This brewery has been making absolutely amazing brews since 2014 and have just recently opened their brewery to the public. Producing everything from farmhouse ales to stouts, the chaps at Kent Falls have really honed the locally-sourced ingredients game as well as sustainable brewing.

Ball & Buck is currently having a 45% off summer sale. With everything from button downs to shorts to pants, there is bound to be something you like on sale.

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