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Be Honest: Would You Wear Lewis Hamilton’s Gucci Outfit?

Just look at this king.

If there’s anything I’ve learned during the COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s that we now are all allowed to wear whatever the hell we want. I’m very grateful that I was lucky enough that I could safely work from home in sweatpants and my own filth. Therefore, my willingness to wear anything different or colorful when I’m out in public has increased by a thousandfold. So now I must ask you: Who among you would be willing to wear Lewis Hamilton‘s Gucci outfit? 

Here are the full-body shots. King shit, right?

These photos were taken in New York City on Feb. 5 (hence all the bags of trash on the sidewalk). Hamilton, according to this Instagram account, appears to be wearing the Gucci Double G wool jacquard bomber jacket ($2,600), Gucci Double G wool jacquard pants ($1,700), Gucci leather GG embossed sneakers ($880), and is carrying a Dior Linglot 22 bag in gold-tone Dior oblique jacquard ($2,150). It’s unclear what brand of beanie that is, though.

Hamilton has always been one for couture. Just look at this suit and this shirt! But we’re not here to talk about Hamilton, we’re here to talk about you. 

Prices aside, would you wear the entire ensemble or would you only wear individual pieces? The bomber jacket would look hype over a pair of dark-wash jeans. Similarly, the pants would look great under a jean jacket. The bag is cute but it looks rather small to be a daily carry. Where am I supposed to fit my giant wallet, notebook, pen, sunglasses, gum, hand sanitizer, mace, and lip balm? In my pockets!? And I’m very take-it-or-leave-it on the shoes, but I do commend Hamilton’s bravery for wearing snow-white sneakers while walking in New York City. It’s very dirty here and you step over a lot of shit.

So, what say you? Would you rock this outfit? Let me know in the comments.

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