Brutal Surveillance Video Shows Man Pushed Into Path of Truck

The bizarre random attack left the victim with a collapsed lung and broken ribs.

A Los Angeles man is lucky to be alive after a Wednesday morning attack ended up with him pinned under the front wheel of a delivery truck. The viscous random assault was captured on surveillance video.

In the video, we can see a man in a yellow hooded jacket shaking his head before abruptly standing up and pushing a man in a suit into the street—and directly into the path of a truck—before calmly walking away.

The video is difficult to watch. The victim can be seen frantically flailing his legs from underneath the truck. Thankfully, the quick-thinking truck driver was able to stop quickly without running the man over. Unfortunately, the victim still suffered from a collapsed lung and several broken ribs.

While the attacker fled the scene, it didn’t take too long for the authorities to locate the man, who observers say seemed clearly disturbed. The LAPD tweeted that they had the suspect in custody just before 11 PM that evening.

Like many large cities, Los Angeles has a substantial homeless population. Many of those homeless, including, we’d imagine, the attacker, are mentally disturbed individuals, unable to get the help and support they need from an already-overloaded public welfare system.

In this case, it took a brutal, savage attack on an innocent passerby to get the notice of the authorities. With the attacker now in custody, they’ll be getting the help they need and a warm place to stay. It’s a bizarre sort of justice when there’s an innocent man spending the holidays in a hospital bed.