Florida Police Recover Stolen Krispy Kreme Doughnut Van, Gift Treats to the Homeless

Luckily, the doughnuts were not harmed during the theft or recovery of the van.

byBrian Evans| UPDATED Oct 18, 2018 9:17 AM
Florida Police Recover Stolen Krispy Kreme Doughnut Van, Gift Treats to the Homeless

A thief in Lake City, Florida, stole a Krispy Kreme van loaded with dozens of delicious treats on Tuesday, Oct. 16th. The thief made it roughly 300 miles to the Crest Lake Park in Clearwater when law enforcement officers located the stolen van according to the department's Twitter page.

Clearwater officers contacted the store from which the van was stolen and the manager there was kind enough to donate the very special cargo from the recovered van to the police department. The officers saved some doughnuts for themselves (of course), before handing out the rest to the local homeless population. The police are still searching for the van thief.

While the Ford E-Series van doesn't top the list of most stolen vehicles, this incident might lead to increased security measures for the high-value targets. It may not be long before companies like Brinks, Garda, and Loomis are needed to transport these dough-based gifts from the heavens to stores and retail locations in their heavily armored trucks.

Police handed out some of the doughnuts to local homeless, Clearwater PD - Twitter

Perhaps Clearwater PD should look to our neighbors up north to find the perps. Canada just issued its first vehicular cannabis citation one hour after legalizing marijuana, and as many offbeat news headlines will tell you, pot and the munchies can bring about desperate times and desperate measures—maybe even stealing the neighborhood Krispy Kreme van and fleeing for the border?