Bell Teams Up With Helmade to Bring Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmets to the Masses

It’s now easier than ever to get a custom-painted helmet on your head.

byEric Brandt| UPDATED Apr 16, 2019 4:38 PM
Bell Teams Up With Helmade to Bring Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmets to the Masses

Custom painted motorcycle helmets are now easier than ever to get on your head thanks to a new partnership between Bell Helmets and Helmade. Right now, the personal touch is limited to the Star MIPS race helmet, the Custom 500 open-face helmet, the Moto-3 dual sport helmet, and the Bullitt “retro-future” full-face helmet.

Helmade is a custom helmet design platform that’s working with Bell to personalize its most popular lids. After you pick your helmet, you can select colors, designs, and inject your own personal signature into your custom helmet. When you’re done designing your masterpiece, Bell and Helmade work together with helmet designers on hand-painting your helmet destined for your head and your head alone.

It’s worth noting that with the exception of the Star, every Bell helmet that’s utilizing the Helmade platform has retro inspiration. The Custom 500, Moto-3, and Bullitt all have old-school designs with new-school protection, and they’re proving to be popular as the retro/modern craze continues sweeping through the motorcycle industry.

Pricing for a custom Bell helmet is kind of all over the place and it really depends on what you want. It ranges from a personalized Custom 500 in the low $300 range up to a custom Star MIPS that can go over $1,500 and just about anything you can imagine in between.

We’ve seen motorcycle gear personalization platforms like this before, but Bell is the first major helmet brand to offer such a platform for getting your helmet custom painted by hand straight from the manufacturer. It will be interesting to see if other helmet brands follow suit leading to a world where no two helmets are the same.