Five Never-Used, Never-Titled 2015 Bentley Mulsanne Limos Are for Sale

If you missed your chance when they were first built, then today’s your lucky day.

byHazel Southwell|
Bentley News photo

It's pretty regular we find ourselves writing about an opportunity to buy a barely used, rare vehicle, here in the car blogging world. Usually, though, they're being sold on an auction site like Bring a Trailer—not by a manufacturer.

Bentley has announced that it's got five totally untouched Mulsanne Grand Limousines that were ordered bespoke, built and then never even registered. That was back in 2015, so Bentley has presumably got bored of whoever it was that wanted them and is now offering all five cars up for sale. You could buy 'em if you like the idea of contacting Bentley about a car even it's not willing to put a ballpark price on. The regular Mulsanne starts around $318,000 so just keep extrapolating up from there, I guess.


There are five available, although only one's been photographed. This is the Silver Frost over Moroccan Blue paintwork and there's also Damson over Black Crystal, Onyx over Candy Red, Rubino Red over Light Gazelle and one that's entirely in Black Sapphire. Each car has a custom interior to match with paired leather colors, and even the drinks cabinet—of course, there is a drinks cabinet—is impeccably matched. 

Bentley's very keen to point out this limo conversion isn't just a clumsy stretch job. It took time making sure the extra meter of length was integrated into the Mulsanne's general shape so it's clear this is a luxury car, not something you can club together with the rest of the PA and hire for the kids to rock up to prom in. 

The cars have all got a 6.75-liter, twin-turbo V8 that will deliver 505 horsepower, to the delight of your chauffeur, and the 21-inch wheels are unique to these five models, as is a special plinth on the trunk mascot that says "Coachbuilt by Mulliner."


Yes, the good news is there is a bottle cooler and crystal flutes between the front-facing seats and a full drinks cabinet with "bespoke crystal tumblers" between the backward-facing seats. Those fold-out things above are described as "veneered, folding picnic tables" which are apparently for letting you work while your driver ferries you around, which is a rude suggestion as clearly if I can afford one of these, I am not mug enough to exchange my own labor for capital.

Because they were built in 2015, the cars have a surprising—or maybe refreshing—lack of invasive infotainment but they do have iPad docking and charging facilities for the passengers. If you could see yourself in that leather seat, then I guess Bentley really wants to hear from you because, after six years, it just wants to get these cars on the road now.

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