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What Car Model Deserves to Be Spun-Off Into Its Own Brand?

Imagine a dealership full of nothing but Mustangs.

Remember when Genesis was just one weirdly luxurious sedan in the Hyundai lineup? Now, it’s its own full-fledged luxury brand with three different sedans and two SUVs. The Korean brand has recently done the same thing with Ioniq, spinning its compact EV off into an entire range of future electric cars. There were rumors a couple of years ago of Chevy thinking about doing something similar with the Corvette and, in China, the Volkswagen Jetta, of all cars, is apparently popular enough to officially be considered its own thing

In that same vein, we want to ask you: What car model deserves to be spun-off into its own brand?


We wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Ford has indeed thought about doing this but Mustang, I think, would be a decent candidate. You’ve got your EcoBoosts, 5.0-liter GTs, Mach 1s, Bullitts, halo Shelby GT350 and GT500 offerings, and (to actually keep the fun stuff financially viable) the electric Mach-E crossover. More than enough cars to fill out its own dealership. 

If the Korean conglomerate wants to further expand the Hyundai/Kia Cinematic Universe, I also feel like the Kia Stinger deserves its own badge just based on how cool the “Stinger” name sounds compared to “Kia” and also how different the car itself is from the rest of the Kia portfolio. They could eventually come out with two-door Stingers and wagon Stingers and convertible Stingers and Stinger crossovers. Make every car drive and look as good as the existing Stinger and they could have a nice “Alfa Romeo of the East” thing going but, y’know, reliable.

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