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You’re Not Crazy, Here’s Why Kia’s New Logo Looks Crooked

No, you aren't just seeing things.

Kia recently decided that it was time to update its logo. Fair enough, the Kia logo right now is the word “Kia” in an oval. Should be pretty simple to make a new one then, right? Well, yes…. but what they came up with looks a little off. 

The brand indeed came up with a new, stylish graphic to represent itself, however, several people noticed that there’s something funky with it. Some among the editorial staff said it actually spells out the letters “K” and “N,” instead if “K,” “I” and “A,. However, all of us noticed that it simply looks crooked. Curious, we popped it into photoshop to do a little analysis, and indeed, the Kia logo is, well, crooked. 

Kia, edited by The Drive
Kia, edited by The Drive
Kia, edited by The Drive

With the help of some guidelines, you can see that the bottom-right and upper-left ends of the stylized letters extend beyond the termination point of the rest of the characters. When looked at without the guidelines, this gives the appearance of the logo being canted-over a little bit counter-clockwise. We’re not sure why Kia decided to style its new logo like this, but needless to say, it’s the kind of subtlety that the brand likely didn’t expect to cause any issues. It’s sort of like when you realize Colorado isn’t actually a perfect square and you can never look at the state the same way again.

Despite this strange optical illusion however, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to notice a crooked Kia badge once the new logos are actually on the car. Once they come off a computer screen and into real life, it’s probable that this very minor defect might just end up getting fileted off anyway. But now we’ve cursed you with knowing this information, so all of these new Kia badges might always seem a little crooked to you.

Sorry about that.

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