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Hilarious Kia Ad Compares the 2019 Forte to a Lamborghini Aventador

The head-to-head comparison test no one knew they wanted to see.

How do you tick off the entire car community? One suggestion is to tell people that your affordable compact sedan is better than an Italian supercar, which is exactly what Kia did in this tongue-in-cheek advertisement. 

This head-to-head battle finally settles the question on everyone’s lips: Which is better, the Kia Forte or the Lamborghini Aventador? For this test, Kia brought out the just-announced 2019 Forte, updated with sportier styling and a fuel-efficient Intelligent Variable Transmission. It’s going up against a 2014 Aventador, Lamborghini’s flagship model complete with a fire-spitting 691-horsepower V12.

While the Lamborghini Aventador is renowned in the car world for having both a vent and a door, the new Forte wins the first test with three additional doors and two more seats. Climbing in and out of the Forte doesn’t make you look like a complete moron either, which is an issue that still plagues most supercars. 

The Aventador also lacks a touchscreen infotainment system (fixed in the Aventador S) and wireless charging, but who needs those when you have a bunch of fighter jet-inspired switches to play with?  

Price is the biggest win for the Forte, as it will cost only a few thousand dollars more than some of packages on the Aventador’s options list. Sorry Lamborghini, it’s back to the drawing board for you.

It should be obvious that this commercial is a joke, but we’d like to see Kia do an actual comparison test between its more performance-oriented model and some of Volkswagen Auto Group’s other, tamer offerings, such as Audi’s series of sporty sedans. For now, though, enjoy this silly comparison between a high-performance sports car and an affordable compact sedan.