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Watching Someone Build an Ultra-Realistic Tiny Garage for Diecast Cars Is Mesmerizing

It's made of real clay bricks, and there's even working lights and a fan inside.

If you’re reading this website, chances are, you’ve got a small army of diecast cars lying around the house, whether they’re toys you had as a kid or fancier scale models of of the cars you have (or wish you had) now. Ever wish you had a good place to park them? 

YouTube’s DIY Garage clearly wasn’t content leaving his diecasts all over the house like vehicle-shaped Easter eggs. Instead, he made a whole teeny tiny garage (or as he describes it, “the official ‘DIY Garage'”) for the cars, complete with a working shop fan and overhead lights. 

“The bricks are real clay bricks just really tiny,” DIY Garage explains in the video description

There are also tiny asphalt shingles, tiny doors and some really, really tiny hinges for the doors. 

“This project took me quite a while to make and the hardest part was attaching the tiny hinges to the door posts (which I did off camera because there might have been lots of swearing),” the video description reads.

The attention to detail is awesome. The bricks were even stained with black tile grout after the main structure was together to darken the grout and make the structure look like it’s been there for a while. 

He even made miniature signs: one with the project’s name next to the door, and another for the little electrical box to the right of the main garage that housed batteries, wiring and switches for the lights and fan. 

It’s all very satisfying to watch. Brick by brick, there’s a whole little garage. I might need to install a lift inside to accommodate all of my Polly Pocket-sized Porsche Cayennes, but the great part is that there’s more than enough head room for that. 

DIY Garage wasn’t content just building a garage, either. He actually used one of the pickups in the garage to haul bricks in a stop-motion film for his next endeavor: building a whole little brick house

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