Watch as Big Metal Balls Blast Seattle Motorists With No Mercy

Police even had to shut down a street to gather up the unusual (and dangerous) objects.

byJerry Perez| UPDATED Oct 19, 2018 5:00 PM
Watch as Big Metal Balls Blast Seattle Motorists With No Mercy

Every day when we get behind the wheel of our vehicles, we share the road with commercial trucks and their respective drivers who work hard to deliver our goods from coast to coast. Oftentimes we grow so used to seeing them that, unless it’s an open trailer, we hardly give thought to what they might be carrying inside. Unfortunately, motorists in Seattle were made painfully aware that one truck was transporting heavy metal balls on Wednesday.

Like a scene out of a bad action movie or a particularly frustrating video game level, a trailer filled with baseball-sized ball bearings burst open, spilling its contents onto the street below, according to Autoblog. Motorists were forced to dodge the heavy metal balls as they bounced and rolled down the street, which was, naturally, downhill.

Thankfully nobody was injured, but several cars were damaged by the heavy steel balls. According to comment on the original post, these may actually be grinding media used in ball mills. If that’s the case, they measure just under 3 inches in diameter and weigh roughly 3 pounds each. We’re talking about some big, heavy balls here.

Three pounds may not sound like much, but that’s really a lot of weight, and we don't want to think how much damage they could inflict if they gained enough momentum rolling downhill. Seriously, they could kill someone. And as these videos show, they certainly make quite a racket as they roll down the street, bouncing off of cars and curbs. 

We don’t have any photos of the carnage these balls left behind, but considering the noise they made bouncing off floor pans and front bumpers we can only imagine it wasn't pretty.