Virginia Woman Rips Side Mirror off With Bare Hands During Road Rage Incident

A woman sideswiped another car and in her frustration tore a side mirror out of its socket.

byMarco Margaritoff|
Virginia Woman Rips Side Mirror off With Bare Hands During Road Rage Incident

In a moment of unadulterated road rage, a Richmond, Virginia woman ripped off the driver’s seat mirror to Ymani Breedlove’s car, according to a report by NBC12

The incident was captured on video by Breedlove, who said the altercation began when the woman in the other car veered onto her lane and hit Breedlove’s car. “She was just dodging the pothole and she didn’t see us,” Breedlove explained. “She didn’t look to see and she sideswiped the passenger side of our car.”

According to Breedlove, the woman’s frustration at having sideswiped another car was so visible that Breedlove immediately decided not to escalate the situation any further. “I saw how irate she was so I didn’t want to have any contact, any face-to-face,” said Breedlove. “I said I was going to stay in the car and wait until police came.”

“When we pulled over she hopped out the car, stood in the middle of the street and she was literally having a moment,” said Breedlove. What followed was certainly unexpected, and fortunately for us, Breedlove captured the woman’s consequent reaction on video.

While the footage might offer vicarious entertainment to some viewers, Breedlove was not only audibly displeased with the chain of events, but happened to have her 18-month-old daughter in the car. 

“As a mom, I was freaking out,” said Breedlove, who claimed the woman was fully aware that there was a child in the vehicle. “I had my 18-month-old in the car so when things like this happen, I have to carry myself as a mother and as a woman,” she said. 

As you can see from Breedlove’s video, the woman violently pulled the mirror out of its socket and chucked it onto the street. 

“She literally took it out and you can see there’s wires in it, so she had to have pulled the wires out,” said Breedlove. “

Breedlove is currently studying criminal justice and said that the police were pretty stunned at the footage she managed to capture. She also stated that she was glad that she kept her composure throughout the incident. In the end, nobody involved was injured. The woman who ripped Breedlove’s mirror out of its socket is still on the run. Stay tuned.