Ford Engineers Took My Advice and Turned the F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Into a Mobile Kitchen

OK, I don’t know if they took my advice. But it happened.

byPeter Holderith| PUBLISHED Oct 1, 2020 3:45 PM
Ford Engineers Took My Advice and Turned the F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Into a Mobile Kitchen

You may recall, ahem, a few months ago we had a post on this website written by yours truly titled: "You Can Power An Entire Mobile Restaurant with the 2021 Ford F-150's Onboard Generator." It was a bit of fun, we did some math, a good time was had. However, we got an email this week that brought us back to those heady days of the June F-150 reveal. As it turns out, Ford engineers took an F-150 PowerBoost with Pro Power Onboard tech to a campsite in New York State with an oven, a mini fridge and a coffee maker, and they used it all to cook their meals. 

Now, okay, this isn't exactly the grand restaurant plan I had a few months ago, but it's something. Beyond that, it proves my theory that such a thing is theoretically possible. Luckily, they took pictures and yes, it looks just as silly as the topshot we made for the original post.

They claim to have made a delicious slow-braised brisket, coffee every morning with a Keurig machine and bread pudding for dessert. And judging by the evidence I see in the photos, it looks like that's all true. Perhaps they weren't quite as ambitious as I was in my post, but hey, they actually went out there and did it. Also, the oven they used apparently had a peak power consumption of something like 7 kilowatts, which is a huge amount of power. I think I would have to find some smaller or more energy-efficient appliances if I wanted to go through with my plan. Or just get two F-150s.

Another Ford engineer also tested out the truck's ability to handle a variety of power tools in a project to build a new wooden toolbox. He plugged in a blender to make some kind of smoothie as well—just another piece of the puzzle for the full-fledged F-150 breakfast spot. Really, it seems like the culinary curiosity surrounding the new F-150 is just overwhelming.

Unfortunately, all of these pictures were very low resolution, for whatever reason., Ford

The Drive reached out to a Ford representative to ask them if my post was actually the inspiration for these culinary shenanigans, but they would only confirm that they saw the post and liked it, not that it was the direct motivation for the outing. Even so, we're looking forward to seeing all of the other exciting kitchens people put in the back of F-150s when the truck hits showrooms sometime this season.

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