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Want to Race Your Own SCG 007 in the WEC Hypercar Class? That’ll Be $6 Million

That includes the car itself, spares, race support and rebuilds for Sebring, Spa and Le Mans.

Having announced that you can get a race-ready Glickenhaus Boot for the Baja 1000 with a support team included for $500,000, James Glickenhaus also revealed SCG’s pricing for its Le Mans Hypercar program. At $6 million, you’ll need deep pockets to compete against the best in the World Endurance Championship’s top class, yet SCG is all set to lead the way with its final 007 Le Mans Hypercar design ending its last wind tunnel session this week. Just in time to let the team focus on the SCG 004C’s extremely demanding race next weekend at the Nürburgring 24 Hours.

As for what’s next for the Le Mans project, SCG’s French-made twin-turbo V8 Pipo engine will be on the dyno early October, after which SCG plans to complete its first 007 build in November.

Welcome to the SCG 004C., SCG

Testing of the Le Mans prototype shall begin in January so that two SCG 007s can be ready to race at Sebring in March. James Glickenhaus had this to add:

“We believe our LMH program is a great way forward for other teams. For 5 million euros (around $6 million), we’ll sell you a car, spares and provide race support and rebuilds for Sebring, Spa and Le Mans. We are also willing to sell our chassis and engineering services to other manufacturers who may want to consider our platform with their engine and body design as an alternative to LMDh. We can also provide engines with hybrid systems if desired.”

“As for the GT3, our 004C has undergone a bit of re-engineering since our six-hour test race at the Nürburgring, and we look forward to the N24 next week, thinking we’ll do well. We believe our 004C will interest other teams and drivers as a GT3 or a track day car at 600 horsepower. We strongly feel that our 004C at 600HP endurance/650HP sprint tunes will make a very interesting cost-effective alternative to GTE for the WEC/IMSA/DTM, and hope those organizers will consider our proposal for a new GT class. For the road, our 004S prototype will be ready to test next week and we’ll bring her to Ring. We really believe our 004 road-legal models will rock a lot of established brands.”

The Glickenhaus crew is also preparing its Boots for the next Baja 1000, which will feature multiple improvements as well as a touch more horsepower for the endurance challenge across Mexico in 2021. Team America at full throttle then.

SCG 004S prototype., James Glickenhaus

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