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Nurburgring Monopoly Is the Latest and Greatest Source of Gearhead Family Fun

Happy Green Hell-idays!

This Christmas, Chanukah, or Winter Solstice Feast, you might find the Nürburgring laid out on your kitchen table. As cool as it’d be if it were a custom slot car track, it’s actually a lower-octane form of indoor fun: A Monopoly board.

Germany’s most famous racetrack is the subject of the latest themed Monopoly edition, with the circuit announcing its release via social media on Thursday. Rather than skipping through Mediterranean and Tennessee Avenue for a chance at snagging Boardwalk for yourself, you’ll go flat through the Green Hell‘s famous corners Bergwerk and Flugplatz on your way to the board’s (and track’s) crown jewel, Karussell.

Nürburgring Monopoly, Nürburgring

In place of railroads and utilities are spectator areas, and rather than stumbling across Chance and Community Chest spaces, your piece may be called to either a Team Meeting or for what the Germans call a Boxenstopp—a presumably efficient pit stop. Advancing across the board is done not with a die, but a “pace cube,” which will advance your game piece of choice as many spaces as you roll. Eight unique pieces are packaged with this edition of the game, six of which appear to include a trophy, a stack of wheels and tires, a transporter truck, a race helmet, a wheel gun, and a Formula 1 open-wheel race car.

This Monopoly edition retails on the Nürburgring’s online shop for €44.95, or approximately $50 before shipping. Sure, that’s pricey for a game of Monopoly, but what do you expect? Motorsport is an expensive hobby, regardless of whether you’re lapping a real track or passing LOS to collect €200.

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