High Winds Blow Trailer Into Bed of Ram Pickup Truck Towing It

Nice catch.

byRob Stumpf|
RAM News photo


Motorists driving down a lonely stretch of Highway 385 in northwest Nebraska on Wednesday got a glimpse of a Ram pickup bearing an unusual load: The dual-axle box trailer it had been towing moments before a strong gust of wind lifted it from the road and dumped it on the bed.

Photos of the scene posted to Facebook by Nebraska State Patrol show the trailer perched on the back of the Ram at an angle with one set of wheels resting on the cab's roof. No damage is visible on either in the first photo, which makes it look like someone just really struggled with the hitching process. But the second picture shows the trailer's top right corner bashed in, suggesting it flipped and somehow bounced off the pavement, its pivot aided by the driver's very wise decision to use trailer chains.

What's really impressive is that this happened at speed, so the driver had to slow down and pull over while balancing their surprise payload—which might have been light enough to achieve lift-off, but still weighs at least 1,275 pounds empty, according to the manufacturer of this particular line of Royal Cargo trailers.

Regardless of how it went down, this situation serves as a reminder to be mindful of the conditions you're driving in. Just like wet and snowy weather, high crosswinds are particularly dangerous to vehicles, trailers, and even trains with brick-like aerodynamics. But for now, just enjoy this bit of comedic relief and be astounded that somehow this trailer is better at the cup and ball game than anyone else in the world.

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