Racer Zef Eisenberg Sets Electric Motorcycle Land Speed World Record With 194-MPH Run

The benchmark was set on a bike that was designed by and dedicated to his teammate, who died while racing at the Isle of Man earlier this year.

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Racer Zef Eisenberg set a host of records last weekend at a speed event in North Yorkshire, England, the most impressive of which came when he managed a fastest run of 194.086 miles per hour on a homebuilt, all-electric motorcycle.

The Mad Max Team rider also cranked out a peak GPS speed of 197 mph, earning him the title for the fastest run on an unfaired, or naked, electric motorbike. The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) sanctioned the event and determines speed records by calculating time elapsed over a distance instead of measuring trap speeds. World records are based on two successful one-way runs in each direction, and both have to take place within one hour.

Eisenberg’s teammate Daley Mathison helped develop the bike alongside a group of PhD students at Nottingham University and went on to ride it to three podium finishes at the Isle of Man TT. Setting the world speed record with the motorcycle became especially important after Mathison died earlier this year while riding in a Superbike race on the Isle of Man course. Eisenberg promised Mathison’s widow that he’d honor her husband by making the bike the fastest electric motorcycle in the world. 

Since the bike was naked, it clocked in at a significantly lighter weight than its faired counterparts. However, the extra body panels are typically put in place on other motorcycles to help with aerodynamics, making it more difficult for Eisenberg’s machine to reach that almighty 185-mph figure without them. 

Eisenberg himself is a notable motorcycle personality in Britain. He currently hosts the show Speed Freaks on ITV4 and holds over 50 various speed records from Guinness and other governing bodies. Perhaps fitting for his recent speed record attempt, Eisenberg also holds the title of survivor after living through “Britain’s fastest-ever motorcycle crash” at 230 mph.