Watch This Dodge Charger Try to Hit Every Pothole in Chicago

A trio of auto parts manufacturers are putting one car, and one man, to the test.

byBen Keeshin|
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America's crumbling infrastructure is old news, though as pressing an issue as ever. To illustrate as much, a trio of auto parts manufacturers—Advance Auto parts, Monroe and Moog—are driving a black-and-yellow roundel-bedecked Dodge Charger through every Chicago pothole they can find. (There's also a fair bit of parts promotion going on.) For another two days, Internet denizens will be able to follow to see an interactive map of the unlucky sedan crashing through potholes on historic Ogden Ave., crawl down Rush St. and get positively tossed around through deadly hip Wicker Park.

As of 3 PM Thursday, the ill-fated Dodge had crashed through 857 of the Windy City's most treacherous potholes, for a total of 209 miles driven and 4.1 potholes/mile. Eesh—the Swiss just saw that rate of road disrepair and regurgitated a truffle. Surely Uncle Sam could do us all a favor and get to patching? Until then, we'll be bending rims and cracking front fascia to the tune of $3 billion annually. That, unlike this live stream, ain't funny.

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