Florida Man Surprised to Find Boa Constrictor Hiding Under Hood of SUV

It was extracted by his brave neighbor after the local animal control unit asked for a $300 removal fee.

byEric Brandt|
Culture photo

In a turn of events that turns out to be surprisingly common, a Miami Gardens, Florida resident was surprised to find a snake under the hood of his SUV. Ernst Dimanche dropped his kids off at school on Friday morning and returned home planning on doing some work on his first-gen Cadillac SRX. When he popped the hood of his Caddy, he was greeted by an unexpected, free-loading boa constrictor.

“I don’t know how long it’s been in my truck, and I took my kids to school with the snake in my truck, and now I don’t want to get back in my truck,” Dimanche told WSVN.

In a state of surprise with no desire to extract the snake himself, Dimanche wisely called animal control and told them his situation. They said they could help out for a $300 fee that Dimanche didn’t want to pay, so he tried some different solutions. The next step was calling fire and rescue, but apparently, he was told they just couldn't help.

Running out of options, a brave and helpful neighbor named Demetri Giddings decided to help Dimanche with his unwelcome visitor. The snake was extracted with a modified wire hanger and released back into the wild near a nearby lake. 

"I guess the little moments help, and if I can help somebody have a better day, then it’s cool,” said Giddings.

Dimanche is pleased that his snake problem was taken care of and didn’t cost him anything other than time and stress. Here’s hoping the boa didn’t get too adventurous and break anything.