Shocked Family With Car Trouble Discovers a Python Hiding Under the Hood

A dead battery led to a frightening find of a large snake sitting on a family's car engine.

A family having trouble starting their car was shocked after discovering a nearly 4.5-foot python under the hood.

According to 9News Australia, it all started when a woman contacted the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA)—basically the Australian version of AAA—for help with what was thought to be a dead battery.

After arriving, an NRMA patrolman opened the hood of the car and made a shocking discovery. He saw what turned out to be a diamond python sitting on the engine and realized “there it was right in front of my face.”

Fortunately for the unsuspecting NRMA mechanic, the snake decided not to launch a surprise attack.

“It actually reared up, because it mustn’t have liked the look of me. But it calmed back down after I moved away a bit,” the patrolman told 9News.

A snake handler was called in to free the python after it appeared to be tangled in the engine.

The python was released “at a suitable location” a short time after being removed from the woman’s car.