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This Rad Dodge Challenger Demon Shooting Brake Rendering Has Us Writing Letters to Santa

A long-roof Demon may be the ultimate forbidden fruit, teasing the perfect blend of performance and utility.

A shooting brake is a car that combines features of a coupe and a station wagon, with two doors instead of four. Not quite a hatchback, it’s a very European automotive phenomenon that we’ve been fortunate to sample a few times here in America, notably with the Volvo P1800 ES back in the ’70s and, more recently, the Ferrari FF

Depending on who you ask, America hasn’t had a proper home-grown shooting brake since the “tri-five” (’55-’57) Chevy Nomad. Rain Prisk, automotive stylist and Photoshop extraordinaire, has shared with us his vision of a Dodge Demon shooting brake…with a widebody kit, no less.

When you think about it, a Demon shooting brake makes a lot of sense. The weight difference is minimal, and whatever weight that’s added is exactly where it’s needed most: over the rear axles. We’d imagine that there would be a slight aerodynamic advantage to the slab sides and flat roof, too.

Most importantly, you could drive to the strip on street tires while hauling drag slicks and tools, swap them over in the pits, and pull into the staging lanes, ready to click off some impressive quarter-mile times. You’d be your own one-man crew—no truck or trailer needed. 

We bet there’d even be space for a small cooler and some ice for the intake manifold, as well as a few sandwiches and soda pops for cooling you and the car down between runs.

Our favorite thing about Rain’s rendering? Not a yellow bumper protector in sight.