Dealers Are Taking up to $17,500 off 2018 Audi RS7 Models

If you’re in the market for a new performance sedan, you could get one hell of a deal on the outgoing German model.

byCam VanDerHorst|
Audi News photo

Year-end sale events to move stale inventory are as American as apple pie, baseball, and blocking people on social media over minor political disagreements. That being said, these sales usually don't apply to low-production, high-performance models. Audi, however, is on the cusp of a major redesign and is willing to deal on nearly anything and everything, as long as you're in the market for something from the A6 or A7 family.


According to Cars Direct, Audi is offering dealers a "Marketing Allowance" (basically dealer cash) to clear out old inventory and make space for the restyled 2019s. It's not a traditional rebate, but if you find a dealer willing to pass the full value of the savings on to you, you could get $10,000 off of an A6 or A7, $15,000 off of an S6 or S7, and an amazing $17,500 off of the RS7. 

While we're sure that the restyled cars will find no shortage of admirers, the current A6 and A7 vehicles are certainly lookers with their sleek, obviously-Audi styling.


The 2018 RS7 is no slouch, either. With 605 horsepower on tap from a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 (in RS7 Performance trim), the RS7 rockets to 60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds, en route to an 11.3 second quarter mile time at 125 mph. When you're going that fast, nobody will notice that you're driving last year's model.