History Channel to Highlight Ford F-Series Heritage With ‘Truck Weekend in America’ Premiere

Six hours of television featuring the most successful pickup in American history is coming to a screen near you.

A collaboration between the History television channel and Ford will explore the heritage of the F-Series truck during six hours of prime-time programming. This unique collaboration starts on Nov. 10 and is being called the “Truck Weekend in America,” which gives viewers an in-depth look at the wildly-popular pickups. 

There is a lot to unpack with the best-selling truck in America, with the Ford F-Series not only topping its niche for 41 years in a row but also standing as the best-selling vehicle for 36 years. 

“More than a century ago Ford put America on wheels, and today our trucks are a vital part of the way people work, play and live,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president, U.S. marketing, sales, and service. “‘Truck Weekend in America’ is a tribute to the passion of our engineers as well as our customers, and to both the history and the future of the pickup truck.”

President of the A+E Networks Group Paul Buccieri said, “’Truck Weekend in America’ breaks with the traditional media mold with a programming event built on stories that are steeped in history, with an eye to the future. From the latest truck technology to vintage vehicles to totally unique modifications and everything in between, this outstanding collaboration delivers a weekend full of nonstop content, the likes of which truck lovers have never seen before.”

The deal has been in the works since spring 2017. It was inspired by the claim that 78 percent of History channel viewers own at least one pickup truck. Ford, meanwhile, is obviously making a smart marketing move by directing the programming straight at its core customer base.