Ford F-Series Is America’s Best Selling Truck for 42nd Straight Year

Ford sold 909,330 F-Series trucks in 2018…as well as 126 GT supercars.

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED Jan 3, 2019 11:29 AM
Ford F-Series Is America’s Best Selling Truck for 42nd Straight Year

Ford announced its final sales figures for the year of 2018 on Thursday and—surprise, surprise—the trucks and SUVs came out on top. Most notably, the company's F-Series line of pickup trucks was apparently the best-selling pickup in America for the 42nd year in a row. 

"December capped another strong year for Ford and the industry," said Ford Vice President Mark LaNeve. "Ford sold more than 900,000 F-Series trucks in 2018 to extend our leadership position to 42 consecutive years as America’s best-selling pickup."

Forty-two years. Any way you slice it, that's a long-ass time to be No. 1. Forty-two years ago, Family Feud was a brand new television show, Peyton Manning was still learning to walk, and the position of POTUS was occupied, quite appropriately perhaps, by a man named Gerald Ford. 

What's more, Ford (the car company) sold 217,653 commercial vans in 2018 including the E-Series, Transit, and Transit Connect, putting it at the top of that segment for the 40th year in a row. 

While Lincoln SUV sales, as Ford points out, went up overall, it was entirely on the back of the new Navigator as sales of the MKC, MKX/Nautilus, and MKT were all down from 2017. 

As for car sales, Ford's lower-riding offerings unsurprisingly didn't do so hot, clocking an 18.4 percent year-over-year overall sales drop. Ford's biggest losers were the C-Max and Focus which recorded annual sales declines of 63.7 and 28.4 percent, respectively. 

Fun-ish fact while we're on the subject of Ford sales: a total of 126 GT supercars were sold last year, just one of which was sold in the month of December. You're welcome.