Someone Build This Bugatti Chiron Off-Road Racer and Take It to the Baja 1000

Because how awesome would it be to off-road your $3-million hypercar?

byJerry Perez|
Bugatti News photo

By all means, the Bugatti Chiron can be classified as the range-topping car, the king of the jungle, the crème de la crème of every four-wheeled machine that roams planet Earth. However, the vehicular equivalent to King Kong can be easily defeated by a less-than-perfect road and its ego destroyed by less than favorable weather conditions. So what's stopping the Chiron from becoming an unstoppable alpha car? An off-road suspension and some knobby tires.

Imagine grabbing onto a handle to lift yourself up into a Chiron rather than carefully placing your buttocks on the door sill before gently rotating your behind into the cabin. And that instead of peeking over the hood to make sure you'll clear that menacing speed bump, you can simply mash the throttle and own whatever real estate is in front of you. Wouldn't that be awesome? After all, many feats are possible with a Baja-style suspension, off-road tires, and 1,500 horsepower, and thanks to rendering artist Ryan Prisk, you no longer have to imagine.

The exquisitely designed off-roader features enough modifications to allow the Chiron to survive a trip off the pavement, but keeps the unique bits untouched to make sure those who catch a glimpse know that they're looking at one of the fastest and most powerful cars in the world. From the winch that's neatly tucked away in the iconic Bugatti grille to the reshaped fenders and the roof-mounted cargo rack, this fictitious Chiron is one bad mamajama.

Considering Bugatti is currently undertaking the Chiron's hardcore brother, the Divo, and the opulent French automaker even built a drivable car out of LEGO pieces, maybe an off-road variant worthy of a zombie apocalypse isn't too far-fetched.