The Porsche Taycan Will Do Zero-to-60 in 3.5 Seconds

That’s nipping at the heels of Porsche’s current Panamera Turbo, but how does it stack up to the electric competition?

byJames Gilboy|
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Porsche of Great Britain teased the brand's upcoming electric Taycan performance sedan with a tweet depicting camouflaged Taycan test mules, and promising the vehicle will manage a zero-to-60 dash in 3.5 seconds.

This time is in the neighborhood of the brand's current high-performance sedan, the Panamera Turbo, which has in some benchmark tests achieved a three-second time. But how does it perform in comparison to its competition—both those already on the market, and those soon to be?

Prime for comparison is the Tesla Model 3 Performance, which Tesla claims to be capable of the superlative in 3.5 seconds. What little independent testing that has been done seems to affirm Tesla's claim, so direct comparison of performance specifications for the two vehicles may be won by top speed (155 for Tesla), or even with economy figures instead, Tesla claiming 310 miles of range.

Bigger, badder brother to the Model 3 Performance is the Model S P100D, which manages standstill-to-60 one second quicker. Porsche has not yet spoken of a higher-performance Taycan to tackle today's top Tesla, much less one that will trounce the Model 3 Performance, but something more purpose-built will be required to take down the 1.9 second blitz of which the Tesla Roadster is alleged to be capable.

Porsche's fellow VAG brand Audi has elected to enter the electric vehicle market with the e-Tron crossover, but with its claimed top speed of just 124, and a nonspecific zero-to-60 of only "under six seconds," it's hardly in contention for the drag race trophy. VAG's eponymous nameplate will bring its I.D. electric vehicle lineup to market on the lower end of the cost spectrum with the American-built Crozz and Buzz, but the automaker may also build “R”-branded electric performance vehicles. Said cars aren't yet past the hypothetical stage, so attempts to rank them against existing products would be moot.

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