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Nissan Admits to Emissions Testing Shenanigans: Report

The scandal does not affect cars sold outside of Japan since the regulations skirted are specific to the Japanese market.

After fessing up to selling improperly-inspected cars in its home country of Japan for the past four decades back in October, Nissan is now admitting to misconduct regarding its emissions testing practices. 

According to Reuters, Nissan says it has fudged emissions and fuel economy measurements for a total of 19 models, all sold in Japan. The Note hatchback (known as the Versa Note around these parts) and the Juke crossover are among the cars affected. In its announcement, Nissan said that the scandal does not affect cars shipped overseas since the skirted regulations are specific to the Japanese market. 

The automaker says sample emissions tests in the majority of its Japanese factories did not meet government standards. Nissan apparently found tests in which driving speed, test duration, external temperature, and equipment calibration were not up to snuff. Also, reports generated often contained “altered measurements” such as overstated mileage data.

In a press briefing, COO Yasuhiro Yamauchi said, “This is a deep and serious issue for our company. We realize that our compliance awareness remains lacking.” Yamauchi adds that Nissan will be launching a month-long probe to investigate the root cause. The malpractice apparently involved ten employees and began in 2013, if not earlier. 

The company reports that out of 2,200 sample tests across six Nissan plants, 1,200 tests from five facilities were problematic. 

The Drive has reached out to Nissan for a statement and will update this story upon response.

UPDATE: In an email to The Drive, a Nissan North America spokesperson reiterated, “This emission-sampling testing is a Japan-market requirement only. All vehicles sold and produced for the U.S., Canadian and Mexican markets meet appropriate government standards and requirements.” The company’s U.S. arm also says that in addition to passing all federal and state emissions tests, in-use Nissan vehicles are further tested to confirm compliance.