The 2026 Polestar 6 Is the 884-HP Electric Roadster We’ve Been Waiting For

The Polestar 6 will offer a top-down driving experience with ludicrous power, minus the usual soaring exhaust note.

byLewin Day| PUBLISHED Aug 16, 2022 7:00 AM
The 2026 Polestar 6 Is the 884-HP Electric Roadster We’ve Been Waiting For

Polestar's new electric roadster, the Polestar 6, is set to bring striking design and top-down fun to the world of EVs.

Polestar has announced that the new EV roadster is expected to launch in 2026, giving the company plenty of time to get the vehicle production ready. The Polestar 6 is to be the production version of the Polestar O₂ concept, first revealed in Los Angeles earlier this year.

The Polestar 6 as we see it today appears to be the same as the earlier concept, and still wears the O₂ concept name on the front fender. Finished in a sleek blue, it features the same bold plus-sign wheels and sharp, slanting roofline that cuts an imposing figure. Paired with the deep, low sideskirts and muscular wheel arches, it not only looks good, but devastatingly quick to boot.

The quoted performance figures back that up, with the Polestar 6 intended to share the same 800-volt EV architecture as the upcoming 2024 Polestar 5. Power output from the dual-motor system is set to be 884 horsepower, with 663 lb-ft of torque on tap. Polestar expects the roadster to achieve a zero-to-60 mph time of just 3.2 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 155 mph.

The Polestar 6 will be a hardtop convertible, built out of bonded aluminum as per other Polestar vehicles. As seen on the earlier concept reveal, it's a four-seater, though rear headroom does look limited with the hardtop installed. If you like rolling with the homies, make friends with those of shorter stature if you plan on taking long drives in the rain.

Like so many EV concepts, the Polestar 6 features slimline cameras in the place of mirrors. Expect these to be commonplace by the time it reaches production.

Inside, the concept's interior is spartan. There's a large portrait touchscreen in the center, along with a digital dash cluster in front of the driver. Similar to many other EVs like the Kia EV6, it takes advantage of the lack of a transmission tunnel to create a deep central storage area between the front passengers.

The Polestar 6 will be a regular production model. However, Polestar is also eager to celebrate the launch with limited-edition version. It will build just 500 examples of the Polestar 6 LA Concept Edition, finished in the unique 'Sky' blue exterior finish. This will be paired with a light-colored leather interior and the 21-inch wheels as seen on the Polestar O₂ concept.

Thus, if you want the Polestar 6 in the closest form to how it appears here, you'll want to get yourself the LA Concept Edition. Interested parties should look up their Polestar dealer post-haste, with customers able to reserve a build slot online starting from August 16.

For those heading to Monterey Car Week, the concept vehicle will be shown at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance events from August 18 to 21. It will also appear at the 2022 running of "The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering."

The EV market is beginning to mature. Where we once had small urban runabouts and short-range hatches, we now have everything from luxury sedans to full-size SUVs in the market. It's only natural that sports models then follow, and Polestar is making sure that becomes a reality.

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