2025 Volvo EX30 Is a $36K EV Packing Up to 275 Miles of Range

Volvo is banking on this compact electric crossover to reach entry-level buyers with a minimalist approach that just so happens to be better for cutting costs.

byChris Rosales|
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Volvo’s newest car is here: the 2025 Volvo EX30. It’s small, it’s cute, but most of all it’s a relative bargain with a base price of $36,145. Slotting in way below the large EX90 electric SUV, Volvo is approaching its goal of full electrification by 2030 from the outside in. Even though Volvo impressed upon us how small the EX30 is, it packs an impressive array of gadgets and real-world usefulness. Enough that it might be the start of another generation of electric cars.

Dimensionally, the EX30 is positively small. It's around the same size as a Hyundai Kona, but packages much more space and usability into its small footprint. Volvo says the EX30 was led by the idea of downsizing for sustainability, claiming that it uses around 30% less material than the EX90. 

This philosophy of downsizing and simplifying defines the EX30. Inside, the dash is set back to the windshield and there is a single, centrally-mounted screen that works as infotainment and as a gauge cluster. Instead of a normal six-speaker sound system, Volvo deleted the door speakers in favor of a central soundbar that lives in the dash. A good portion of the materials used inside the EX30 are either recycled or byproducts of production, with around 20% of the materials being recycled overall.

Then there’s the electric powertrain, which will come with two different motor configurations and a single battery type for the United States. There's a 422-horsepower Twin Motor Performance model, a Twin Motor Extended Range trim, and a Single Motor Extended Range that makes 268 hp, all of which are powered by the same NMC-type battery pack that uses cobalt, manganese, lithium, and nickel. The single-motor models achieve 275 miles of range according to Volvo, pending EPA testing. It will also apparently charge in 26 and a half minutes at a maximum charging speed of 153 kW. 

Volvo is also teasing the EX30 Cross Country, which is a lifted and ruggedized EX30 on all-terrain tires from factory. We likely won’t see that hit the market until 2024. 

Nonetheless, Volvo is taking a real shot at making usable electric vehicles affordable for more people. At its starting price, the EX30 can aim broadly at a market looking for affordable cars. This one just happens to be an EV with competitive range, a relatively spacious interior, and starts well below the average price of a new electric car.

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