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Paul Newman’s 1988 Volvo 740 Turbo With 3.8-liter Grand National V6 Swap Is For Sale

It apparently puts down 320 horsepower and looks absolutely rad while doing it.
Bring a Trailer

Turbo Volvos are an enthusiast favorite, and Paul Newman was not immune to the bug. The actor, evidently enamored with the 740 wagon’s boxy looks, bought a prime example brand new in 1988 but must’ve felt it was a little down on power. Hoping to keep the car’s turbo attitude intact, it was swapped with a 3.8-liter boosted V6 out of a Buick Grand National. The resulting beast, putting power to the ground through a Borg Warner five-speed manual transmission, is now up for sale of Bring-a-Trailer. The RWD Volvo is doubtlessly a burnout machine.

Beyond the engine and transmission swap, the car has several other modifications. The ones done under Newman’s watch included a tune on the V6 engine and a new custom exhaust system, as well as improvements to the Volvo’s cooling system and a limited-slip differential. Other more visual mods include lowering springs, 16-inch Gemini wheels, and an Aero-style body kit.

Several more changes have been completed since the car was acquired by its current owner in 2017, although they’re mostly maintenance related. Recent jobs include a new clutch, fuel injectors, and some refreshed suspension components.

According to a listing from 1997 or 1998 when the car was previously sold, its engine puts out 320 horsepower. Back then, the asking price was $25,000. Today, it’s bound to go for a little more. Listed for sale outside of Chicago, the current bid on the vehicle is $25,000 as of writing, the same sum it was sold for just shy of the new millennium. There are still two days left to go on the auction, though, and the car is in pretty good shape. This is Bring a Trailer we’re talking about, after all. There might just be some weird rich guys waiting in the wings to try and get a little piece of Paul Newman’s car history.

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