The King is Dead: The Koenigsegg Agera RS Has Officially Ended Production

Koenigsegg has now produced and sold all 25 units of the fastest road-legal hypercar ever made.

byChris Constantine|


The Koenigsegg Agera RS hypercar has lived a good life. It snatched the title for the fastest production car away from the likes of Bugatti and Hennessey as it recorded a skin-melting 277.9 mph average top speed on a lonely Nevada highway last year. Sadly, the car's time in the spotlight may be over, as Koenigsegg announced Wednesday that the Agera RS's 25-unit production run has come to a close. 

The last Agera RS rolled off Koenigsegg's assembly line this week, a special 24-karat-gold-accented Agera RS "Gryphon" edition. This car was built to replace a one-off RS of the same name that crashed last year while it was going through pre-delivery tests, according to Motor Authority

Koenigsegg also mentioned that its factory test RS has been sold to a collector, so it looks like even the folks at the Ängelholm, Sweden facility are without an Agera RS to play with.

Agera One of One, Koenigsegg

The completion of the RS's production run means the "regular" Agera's run is almost at an end. Koenigsegg plans to build just three more of these cars, called Agera "Final Editions." The only one built so far is the Agera "One of One," created as an homage to the similarly-named Koenigsegg One:1. We'd complain about how confusing that naming scheme is, but we'll never be able to buy any of these cars as all three "Final Editions" are already sold out. 

Koenigsegg says it will now concentrate entirely on the Regera hybrid hypercar, the company's highest-production model at 80 units planned for assembly. However, the brand told Top Gear earlier this month that the Agera RS's successor is in the works. Expect to see that car unveiled at next year's Geneva Motor Show. 

For now though, we wave goodbye to the vaunted Agera RS, the car that shot Koenigsegg to the top of the top speed record arms race. Good night sweet prince.

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