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Video: Koenigsegg Agera RS ML Has Engine Problems in Milan

Not what you want to see from your million dollar baby.

The Agera RS is Koenigsegg’s baby. It’s currently their highest performance production model, staking Sweden’s claim against the Frenchman’s favorite, Bugatti. It’s been known for shaming other supercars in drag races and lap times, making high-budget, high-volume automakers wonder what’s in the water at Christian Von Koenigsegg’s Ängelholm facility — 1,160 HP will do that for you. But what does it mean for reliability? Just because it’s well-engineered doesn’t mean it’s bulletproof, as this video shows. It’s a relatively small unit for such high outputs, measuring only 5.0L in displacement and weighing just 189 kg. Here, you can see a one-off “ML” version sputtering out on the streets of Milan, much to the owners chagrin.

This particular Agera was custom designed for an Asian customer who had a hand in the entire build process. It was recently seen climbing the B-roads in the blizzard-plagued Swiss Alps, becoming an instant hit for internet fanboys, including myself. It was on display at the Geneva Motor Show, unveiling its unique details that are specific to the ML model. 

In a strange sequence of events, the car begins to stall in the middle of the day. Hiccups continue when the Koenigsegg has trouble starting later on, though the owner and his crew do finally get it going. As it’s driven through Milan, it once again cuts out, this time letting out billows of black like an old and smoky diesel pickup. 

According to bystanders, the car then “fixed itself” and had no problems from there on out. That’s especially confusing as the Agera seemed to be everything but fine throughout the course of the video. The owner then continued on to Switzerland, surely with more anxiety than I’d ever wish to have. Then again, I couldn’t afford a headlight replacement for an Agera RS, let alone an engine repair.