You Can Get an Amazing Deal on a Ford Fiesta ST Right Now

This might be your last chance to buy a new Fiesta ST in the US.

byEric Brandt|
Ford News photo

The Ford Fiesta ST was arguably already the best performance car value on the market, and now they’re getting even cheaper. One of our favorite hot hatches is being deeply discounted as a model-year closeout. Also contributing to the discounts are slow sales of subcompacts and the possibility the Fiesta model is being discontinued in the US altogether. Last we heard, the next-generation Fiesta and the ST variant which has fewer cylinders and more torque than the current model probably won’t come to our shores.

That’s a bummer, but these huge discounts are a nice silver lining. You can get $750 customer cash plus an extra $500 in bonus cash and that’s just the beginning. Dealers are discounting them to get rid of them so they can make more room for trucks and crossovers that are in high demand. The cheapest new Fiesta ST we can find as of this writing is in Florida with 6 miles on the clock for just $16,515. There are many other examples out there going for under $17k.

This is an incredible value and if you’re in the market for a hot hatch, drop what you’re doing and go buy one. If the rumors are true, this might be your last chance. This is a great example of the crossover craze working in favor of enthusiasts who don’t want one.